The best quality of materials

Belutti – eyewear which can enchant everyone! Belutti is a high-quality material whose can satisfy even the most demanding customers!


The innovative material is extremely resilient, characterized by an unprecedented heat resistance. Material, which has very innovative formula that allows you to produce even the most precise shapes or decors. All models made from ULTEM, ensure a perfect fit for every face shape.

TR 90

The thermoplastic, flexible and almost invisible on the face! This kind of material is ultra-light, providing a unique comfort and durability. An additional plus – it’s hypoallergenic!


The most popular material used for production of high quality Glasses! . In a short way it’s a plastic, resistant to scratches and external damage – so it’s perfect even for most demanding conditions. With properly conducted the procedures we can get matt and wood-variety acetate. A characteristic feature of ACETAT is a very high gloss, which remains on the frames for many years!


Unconventional alternative to titanium fittings.

Metal, which combines the most important features of each frame: corrosion resistance and thermo plasticity. Used in the production of even very thin and delicate elements of frames.

Steel is devoid of nickel, which makes it hypoallergenic!


Lenses with TAC polarization is the best way to eliminate harmful UV rays and provide perfect transparency. Excellent reduction of glare, improves the quality of vision and it’s the primary benefit of using this type of lenses.

TAC technology provides excellent dispersion of strong light. Polarizes lenses are especially recommended for those who spend free time on the water, in the mountains or driving a car for a long time.